A golden thong. Nothing else...

Tattoos covering an arm and shoulder. They are all different coloured skulls

All my tattoos are skulls.

Skulls represent death. Death is certainty. My upbringing wasn't. The things you don't want to happen happened.

And we don't like to name it coz it can bring the mood down.

Abuse - check.

Shame - check.

Mental health problems - check.

Poor education - check.

Failure - check.

Prison - check.

Addiction - check.

Homelessness - check.

Hopeless- check.

I love knowing that one day I'll be dead and won't suffer no more.

Don't misunderstand though - I love life, I adore people.

In my coffin I'll wear a golden thong. Nothing else.

As a kid my body didn't belong to me. When I grew up I found out that it does.

My tattoos are all skulls.

written by ryan