A great, roaring silence...

tattoo on a wrist of punctuation marks

It's an ellipsis inside speech marks, but tilt your head, left or right, and you'll see (what appears to be) a surprised clown.

It wasn't intentional.

The phenomenon is called pareidolia.

One of my earliest memories is of picking up and examining a stone, and (somehow) hearing a great, roaring silence that filled both me and the stone.

It was a regular stone, as big as an eyeball. I threw it away as easily as I picked it up.

I became addicted to losing myself, made a habit out of it, a ritual, a mess.

Many years later, having (inevitably) lost everything I could lose, I heard that silence again, and remembered the noise the stone made.

An ellipsis (...) is a set of three dots indicating an omission.

The tattoo tells me what I need to hear.

written by si