A passionate life...

Tattooed quote on an arm. The quote says In a man's attachment to life there is something stronger that all the ills in the world.

I was in my early twenties in my third year at university but got heavily depressed, and never graduated and my ambitions collapsed.

Afterwards I moved to another city, took a low paying job, and was struggling financially and wasn't enjoying life.

Already a bit of a loner, though one who enjoyed solitude, I became extremely lonely.

I got the tattoo after I landed a new job and recovered from depression.

The tattoo is a quote from and symbolises the writings and philosophy of Albert Camus.

To me the quote, taken from The Myth of Sisyphus, has multiple meanings: not to give up on life nor despair; not to turn away from the problems in the world; to retain a strong ethical outlook when it comes to others - both people and animals, and to continue to strive to live a passionate life as a form of rebellion against the apparent meaninglessness of life, as well as anyone and everything that threatens to hold us back.

The tattoo is on my inner forearm in a plain font as it was my own personal reminder.

Now in my mid thirties I recently recovered from a second bout of depression, during which I had suicidal ideation.

This quote and the writings of Camus helped me a lot to endure it all a second time.

Though still a bit of a loner, I continue to try and make the most of my solitude and strive to live a passionate life.

written by jon


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