A very deep and profound truth...

Emet in Hebrew means a very deep and profound truth. My mum uses it. Even when I was a kid she would say, 'Did you actually do the homework? Emet, tell me the truth.'

It’s a sort of deep trust between us that can’t be broken.

One of the stories that was really important to me as a child, is the story of The Golem of Prague. To make a golem in Jewish mythology, you make the man out of clay and write the word emet on its forehead. Emet means truth, it means it's alive. And if you want to kill the golem, you take the first letter off so it just says met and met means death.

Those two words are so interconnected, so near each other.

For me, the idea that truth and death are near each other is more how truth and life are near each other. You can’t live in a dishonest world, you can’t live in a dishonest way. Your whole existence will fall to pieces if you don’t keep that in mind.

When I was a kid I didn’t like being Jewish. It made me feel weird. I wanted to be like the other kids and have Christmas and Easter.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that it's not something you can take off like a sweater. I’m not very religious but it also connects me to the idea of my identity.

It’s on my arm because it echoes where Holocaust tattoos were.

I am Jewish and I can’t not be Jewish. It’s my identity.

told by davina