After the red mist...

A tattoo saying Read Between The Lines. Also some self harming scars.

Through the years when times were tough I wouldn’t open my mouth. I’d smile at the world and ‘release’ my troubles in a way many wouldn’t understand.

During my life story I gained these bad boys which have always left me feeling insecure - the shame was always a lesson learnt after the red mist.

There is no rational thought at this point, you’ve wrapped yourself up too thick in a blanket of self destruct.

For me there was never a snap out of it until the shame had reared its fantastic head.

Anyway I’ve twitched with towels on the beach and around pools to keep them covered. And I've readjusted shorts that like to creep up when emerging from the water.

I hate the thought of people judging me for being a crazy person (which I am in the nicest sort of way).

I’ve racked and racked my brain as to how to cover them up.

In the end I couldn’t be sodding arsed.

So I’m not hiding it anymore.

I’m gonna use my past and use my scars to map out a message.

There’s bits I thought the world would never see until today.

Thank you for reading a snippet of my life story and hopefully you understand without judgement that this is me being me and being brave...

written by craig