At 27 we still share a bed...

Lalou and Jaffy were nicknames my identical twin sister and I gave each other.

It’s difficult to explain the twin connection but I feel as though there is a small part of me missing when we aren’t together.

We sometimes get called the kittens because we nap together a lot.

From sharing a womb we have always shared a room.

I guess it's just that real closeness and comfort. From the womb you have that comfort from lying and being next to each other.

At home we had separate rooms but we shared a bed anyway. She would come into my room.

If we stayed anywhere with single beds we'd push them together.

In our flat we have a shared room and at 27 we still share a bed.

Talking recently we realised after this flat we will have to separate.

I'm happy for the next chapter but we do have a cry. Together. Then a joke.

We say wherever we live we will always have a spare bed for the other.

written by leela