At the level (I think) of my right ovary...

My tattoo is a laurel branch with 12 leaves.

It is a symbol of my son Lorenzo (his name means crowned with laurels), who was born on February 12.

I did it on my hip, at the level (I think) of my right ovary.

It is a tattoo that celebrates my fertility.

I recently had the feeling that it should evolve, so I looked for my old tattoo artist (I couldn't find him and had to go to a new one) to add three flowers.

I think the flowers are my nephew and nieces, Zoé, Hugo and Violeta.

So my tattoo is no longer just about my fertility but about my family's, about the tree. It's about inheritance and legacy.

I feel that it will continue to grow and at some point, not so far away, another branch will appear that will climb my ribs.

written by vanessa