Everything is multiplied...

Two tattoos of the sign for Taurus and two birth times time beneath. 13.45 and 13.55

Alexia: My identical twin sister and I have a similar tattoo representing our zodiac sign and below it is the time the other was born. Taurus corresponds with us pretty well. It's very affectionate, and also sensitive. It's a strong personality, and we're definitely that.

We do have really really strong tempers. Everything is multiplied and when we clash well it's also multiplied, and we know how to hurt each other. Sometimes it's too intense.

It's laughs and glances. We spend our time laughing.

Florence: It's impossible sometimes to be serious, it's terrible. Often we're in our bubble, and we can get out of it when we want to, and if we leave other people out it doesn't matter. It sounds super mean like that but well, we do what we can.

Alexia: We have a big sister, I think she must have suffered from that when we were young. She's always said that she felt a distance, that it wasn't the same. People who say I understand and they are incredibly close to their brother or sister, sorry, it has nothing on this.

Florence: One morning while I was in Germany studying for three months, I got up and my knee was hurting, my right knee. It was inexplicable because I hadn't done anything.

I got a message from Alexia saying, I really hurt myself today, my knee. Oh really, I said, which one? The right one, she said.

Alexia: Oh but I thought it was you who fell off a bike.

Florence: You do that everytime, you always tell the story wrong.

told by alexia and florence