He's quite secretive about it...

Two tattoos of a French legionnaire. One old and faded, one new.

My father was in the French Foreign Legion. He’s quite secretive about it, legionnaires usually are.

They are a bit, well, outsiders, it’s often guys who have been in trouble who get into the Legion.

At first he told me don’t get this tattoo because people are going to think you’re a legionnaire and it can bring you trouble. People have a bad image of it all. They are seen as hotheads, as dangerous guys who are sent into troubled hot countries to "rid the streets of vermin".

He really suffered from that when he was young, I think.

He often says he has nightmares because of that. But he doesn’t want to talk about it.

He’s quite a sad person.

My mother left then my two sisters, and I was the last one to live with him.

The tattoo itself, the guy, is really mysterious. He looks a lot like my dad.

He has a super weird mouth, you can’t really see it, it’s a bit like a shadow, I think it’s because it was faded with time. It seems like he has a little smile.

It’s a bit like the smile my dad has actually. My dad is a bit scary physically, he doesn’t have a very appealing face, but he always has that little smile that can make you comfortable, and you feel like you can talk to him.

And when he saw it he was super proud. He told me it was more beautiful than his. You could see he was touched.

told by ben