I am in a glass bubble...

Tattoo on a neck of the word utopia

Utopia is just my way of seeing life. Especially my life.

I was born with a hereditary blood disease, haemophilia. The main feature of this disease is that the blood of the sick can not coagulate. So the wounds don't heal without medicine.

I discovered I had this disease with the extraction of a tooth. And for a simple tooth extraction, I was going to die.

Today in Italy, out of 60 million people, there are 4000 people with this disease.

Children have many dreams, and I had many too. But growing up I realised that for me no dream could be fully realised.

This disease prevents me from doing so many things, it hinders me in many things, even daily.

I feel as though I am in a glass bubble. Fragile. I still can't accept it much.

I chose Utopia as my word, and I chose the neck as the place to tattoo it, because I can get up in the morning and look at it in the mirror.

I remind myself how beautiful dreams are. Even the ones I can never accomplish.

As I said most work I can not physically do. In my country, manual factory work is too dangerous for me. There's a good chance of getting cut, or bruised.

For about a year I have been trying to express myself as I can with drawing.

Art is above all a therapy. Art is a psychophysical cure.

When I draw I can still dream, as I did as a child. And I hope that what I do will help everyone, even those like me who have often felt "lost", without a place in this world.

Art helped me. I had dreams in my hands, and when I opened them, dreams flew away like flies.

written by alessio