I don't look down...

When I was born they said that I was never going to be able to walk or talk or anything.

I’m in and out of hospital a lot and I’ve had pretty close to, I’d say, at least 12 brain surgeries of varying levels and it’s just something I’ve always had to deal with.

I’d never even considered doing a sport ever.

I went to California for a year. It was sort of a new start for me, the first time that I was really alone.

I went on a date, this guy that I met. We went to the beach and he took me climbing - we did some bouldering and rambling on rocks. I was quite good at it and I was sort of hooked from the first moment.

In the act of climbing, when it's you on the rock, there’s no time to be scared. If you’re feeling scared then you’re not doing it right.

I just go for it and trust that I’ve learnt how to fall. And I don’t look down.

The tattoo's a Joshua Tree, like the landscape in California where we went for 10 days. It's like nothing I’ve ever seen my entire life.

The fact that I have a disability is only something I’ve come to terms with in the last 5 years. It is part of my identity as a disabled person.

It’s a part of me but it doesn’t define me. told by mimi uk