I guess I just had a lot of self doubt...

I guess I just had a lot of self doubt.

When it comes to anything public like performing or speaking it's not something I've ever felt comfortable doing or even considered doing.

I joined Boss Morris, a new all women contemporary Morris dancing side in 2015.

All our costumes are hand made and we have face paints that we make for each event.

They're now a group of friends. There's solidarity. Camaraderie. It encompasses everything I like doing: friendship, creativity, my interest in folk art.

We are very much a tribe and the idea came up of having a boss tattoo.

I'm not sure you'd expect Morris dancers to have a tattoo of their side on them. It's something that's branded on you.

It has no single meaning but we see it as something that symbolises us, a group of progressive women trying to bring English folk dancing back into the vernacular, and make it cool.

I've learned that I don't like the feeling that I can't do something.

I've had to do things. Public speaking. Perform.

All those elements have brought out something in me.

It's confidence. It's application of will. I'm willing to try something.

told by lily


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