I had these two trees...

A tattoo on an ankle of a tree

When I was about 22, I was with a guy whose name was Steven and I had his name tattooed around my ankle.

I don’t want to get into emotional stuff, but he wasn’t a very nice man. It was a horrid relationship and it ended almost 10 years ago. I hated the tattoo. I needed to get this name off me but wanted to make sure I got something I really wanted. I was having counselling, but I also did my own form of therapy.

I had two trees in my back garden: an apple tree and a blooming big pink thing.

The big tree had taken over so much that the apple tree had bent out of shape to try and get to the sunlight. Apples were still growing from the tree but not so greatly. That big tree was my ex-partner, and he made me bend out of shape. I only had this cover up done last year.

I have the tattoo of the tree of life now on my ankle, on my leg. It represents myself and Steven, we made children. It’s the tree of life. This is an ever growing tattoo and anytime my children have a baby, either a pink little diamond or a blue little diamond will be added to the branches of the tree.

My oldest is 20, my middle one is going to be 19, and my youngest one is going to be 16.

I love them to death. They are my strength and my weakness. I dedicate it to them. told by nicci uk