I'll go straight to the point...

Tattoo on arm with Chinese characters

I do not want to make it a sob story, so I'll go straight to the point. My mum Maianne was diagnosed with lung cancer and for a year and a half she suffered hell.

She was hospitalized the same day as my dad who died a few months after.

Nevertheless, she kept fighting for us, her children.

The pain of the disease and the chemo were unbearable to her. She couldn't move or eat.

For months I tried to encourage her to do things, eat regularly, small bites at a time and she did her best. We started joking around it as we always said, let's try, there is no obligation for results, just try and see how far you can go.

We said it so many times that we often said that we would end up tattooing it on our forearms as soon as she felt better. She never did. When she passed, I wanted to have it tattooed but didn't want people to be able to read what it meant. After all, it was our own private joke. So I asked my partner to get it translated into Chinese. But you can't translate word for word from English to Chinese.

The translation I did receive was even more powerful as it does encompass the message that we shared so many times, but also the inevitable reality of the outcome. The translation that you see is an evolution of "There is no obligation for results" to "One can fight as much as they can, destiny will win".

written by laurence