I love to see this tattoo move...

Tattoo on a foot. Black and white.

I never thought I would have a tattoo.

A year after I lost my daughter I decided to have one of her tattoos and shortly after that I found the template for the first one she had.

She had thought carefully and researched her design which was beautiful.

I almost didn't do it as she had such beautiful feet and I felt mine were ugly.

I'm glad I did and I love it.

She loved her tattoos. She once said that she liked to choose and create her own scars, in defiance of the ones her illness and her surgeries inflicted on her.

I carry scars of her pain both inflicted and chosen, and I love to see this tattoo move with my flesh.

My life goes on with her in my heart and in everything I see and in every step I take.

I rarely dance but when I do she dances with me.

I know she walks with me.

written by sarah