I'm 21 years clean and sober...

Photograph of a rose tattoo on a woman's neck

Five years ago in May my mum died.

I couldn't get over the grief. I nearly died I think from a broken heart.

Then my dad died seven months after, and I travelled to Canada to be with him on his deathbed like I was with my mum.

My mum's last name is Rose. She always loved red roses.

This pain it was like physical. I was getting iller and iller and iller. My friend came round one day and said, 'You're gonna die if you don't do something about this. The pain's killing you.'

So I just thought I'm gonna put a tattoo of a rose on my neck.

So that's my mum and that's my dad.

And now if I get that emptiness, I put my hand on it, and it takes it away. Physically, the pain goes. They're with me, on my neck.

So I'm glad I got it even though I'm an old gal now.

I'm 21 years clean and sober this year.

I went to prison. Every single day my mum sent me letters.

And when people say what did you get that tattoo for, I say out of love.

told by lainey