I was adopted...

So it's an adoption triad (it's really a thing, I didn't make it up, but discovered it when I was doing my research for my tattoo).

It's a triangle and a heart intertwoven.

The adopted child, the adoptive family and the biological family are each represented by a side of the triangle. They are linked together by a heart which represents the love in an adoption.

So I was adopted.

I wanted to have this tattoo done when I passed my exam to study biology, and left the nest.

The start of the school year was also the time when my mother was going to sell the house I had always lived in, the house I moved into from the children's home and where I had lived till the age of twenty two.

I wanted to leave home with this symbol to remind myself that my parents have given me the most beautiful thing in the world: a family and all the love possible, just not a birth.

I had it done on my ankle because I wanted to be able to see it anytime I want, but others can't.

written by fanny