It helps me fly...

A woman's arm with a tattoo of a plane

I forget about it and then when I need it, it’s there. My mum asked me why I got it and I told her 'it helps me fly', and she said that was fucking ridiculous.

I was really scared of planes. I’m slightly obsessed with planes. I still read about planes: YouTube, documentaries, pub quizzes. I could tell you it all.

If I book a flight, I always book the seat over the wing.

I always arrive at the airport 3 hours early no matter what type of flight it is.

I stare at the plane that we’re going in for about an hour and see how sturdy it is.

Before I get on the plane, I look at my tattoo.

The concept of taking something that is so big and so terrifying and making it into something really small that you can control...

Things like, my dad. When I was 11, my dad died of lung cancer.

Our family are quite Yorkshire about it in that we’ve always spoken about it in a certain way. We’ve had a sense of humour about it. And my dad himself was very similar.

But obviously it's very emotionally trying when you’re that young for it to happen.

Every time I get on a plane, I look at it and I just remember all the flights I’ve taken and all the flights I will take and that it will be fine. Then I get on the plane.

told by anna