It's the one that has a real story...

Of all my tattoos, it's the one that has a real story; the others are symbols, allegories, but this one is a scar.

I had this tattoo done at the age of 21 in memory of my godfather. I lost him when I was 16 or 17.

In these times of lockdown, of solitude, my memory often takes me back to him, because if there's one person who couldn't have coped with it, it would be him.

He spent his life taking care of his mother (my grandmother) and after she died, the solitude ate him up.

It made him lose his mind and led him to the psychiatric hospital.

He pretended to feel better so he could live back home by himself and die there.

He left like the captain of his own boat, sailing away as if he was blown by the wind of Vendée, the region he lived in all his life.

written by victor