It spurred me forward...

A hand with abstract and simple tattoo marks on the fingers.

This tattoo is of symbols meaning I am greater/more than the ups and the downs.

I did it in a dark time, where it felt like I was an emotional roller-coaster, life being a constant up and down with twists and turns due to a combination of complex ptsd, bpd (borderline personality disorder) and autism.

I knew I was going to a specialist placement to get better, and I wanted it known, mainly to myself, that I was more than my emotions, more than my illnesses.

It spurred me forward, pushed me to use what I could to find more of myself and my life than just the ups and the downs.

I did it, I recovered from bpd, and greatly improved how I cope with life, but I also found parts of myself I'd lost.

I’m autistic and have complex ptsd, but I'm also compassionate, kind; a sister, a daughter and a friend.

I enjoy walks, cooking, craft, crochet, deep conversations, shopping and naps.

I'm a disability campaigner.

I'm more than the ups and the downs - I'm Lizzi.

written by lizzi