It was an impulsive tattoo...

Tattoo on an arm of the French word rien

It was an impulsive tattoo.

I had a job I really really loved and I got a new boss who came in with the reputation for hating women. He tried to make me quit through psychological abuse though I really didn’t understand that at the time.

He’d do things like leave rubbish on my desk or send me away when the office were going to do something nice together.

He really broke me in ways that I’m probably still dealing with. It all ended in him finding a loophole in my contract to essentially demote me and replace me with a man. So instead, I handed in my notice. For my whole notice period, I spent my whole time regretting it. Thinking I should’ve just sucked it up. Thinking I was weak. After, I got ‘Rien’ written on the back of my elbow to remind me to stop regretting the choice to leave. It was a full stop for me. That experience kind of made me wish that I hadn’t been born a woman. Which is an odd feeling.

It made me examine what feminism really means to me. It felt like a tide of change was going on in the world where now we’re saying: no this stuff is just not going to go on anymore.

Sometimes the impulsive tattoos have a lot more meaning.

told by edith uk