No one really knows him...

Tattoo on an arm saying the name cazale

John Cazale - he was a young man. He made 5 films his entire life which were all nominated for best picture. No one really knows him.

I’ve been thinking, do I want to get it covered up? You know, having sort of left the arts.

When I was a child, my hearing was really messed up.

I had about 4 or 5 operations on my left ear because it was really damaged as a child and it still is.

And then I have 5 really big scars on my wrist from where my hand went through a glass door as a child and on my left eyebrow I have another scar from where I fell off a water fountain and got stitches in it.

My brother was the one who slammed the door on my hand. And the relationship I have with him is very fragmented, very strange.

So I have this damaged side of my body.

I didn’t want to look down and feel ashamed about my body or that my body somehow defines a negative side or some bad experiences.

I wanted to take some power back and have it be on this side of my body.

It’s a question I still have, do I want to get it covered up? I keep coming back to no.

Cazale. It’s not just a name, it’s a whole set of values, memories, ambition and aspiration.

told by jimmy

new zealand