Not just boring marks...

if you take a closer look and lean in for a glance

at my forearms you'll see these forms of art

they're not just boring marks i had

for a laugh no

these drawings are autographs of a haunted past

like the one for my dad

you know i had it done shortly after he unfortunately passed

see at the time i could've mourned my father

inside i was torn in half but i wore a mask

and what's worse is i hurt my family

you know i tore plasters to leave the

sorest awful scars

and for that i truly apologise

especially towards my aunt

so I'm sorry for all the problems i dropped on you

the nights of insomnia

and every time i've caused you harm

i was just so fucking lost back then

but see all those nights in prison

surrounded by walls and bars

withdrawing hard

i talked to him

i swear to god i poured my heart out

but that's when it come to me

and he says son right now i know of course it's hard

but only you alone can walk this path

and if you could just see what i see and take a forward glance

through all this darkness

one day you'll find dawn at last

written by jimmy