Out of the blue...

Tattoo of a butterfly and the word gentle

A few weeks before I headed off for university my brother died. Out of the blue.

No signs or warning, no answers or closure.

And I had to make the decision to go to uni or stay home.

I chose university and I got through despite it being difficult because I wanted to make him proud.

He was described by most as gentle, there is a photo of him holding a butterfly in his hands and looking at it with such awe.

This was the basis of the tattoo design. I feel a butterfly is a really great representation of gentleness.

It is born from something that doesn’t hold much outer beauty but becomes a beautiful, gentle animal.

Oli found beauty in everything, from the smallest liquid crystal to the inner workings of the biggest machine.

I got this tattoo when I was finishing university.

It's a reminder to be gentle, kind and always strive to learn and understand the world around me.

written by hex