Priorities are shifting...

A tattoo on an ankle which has roman numerals spelling out a date

I’m covered in tattoos and none of them really mean much.

I guess they’re decorative, it’s often a question that women will ask me: “What do your tattoos mean?” A lot of the time by this stage in the conversation I just don’t care, priorities are shifting.

Anyway, I’m covered in tattoos and maybe a handful of them mean something.

One sits on my left ankle, it’s a date in roman numerals VIII · V · MMXII.

I’ll look at it often, but weirdly it’s a date I’ll tend to forget. It's odd really as it’s the day everything changed.

It marked a turning point in my life.

It’s really taught me that everyone is capable of change, we’ve all got it in us. Sometimes we just need a little help. I certainly did and I still do one day at a time.

On a good day looking at this tattoo will fill me with gratitude and on a bad day it just reminds me why I shouldn’t revisit my old way of life.

I got the tattoo added onto the end of a session as we had a bit of time left. An afterthought I suppose. It’s odd how it’s become perhaps the most significant section of my skin.

Aesthetically I love the simplicity of the tattoo and the questions it asks the viewer.

written by bobbie