She wants to save the world...

My daughter, Christina, is the only one I had to have a caesarean with. She has an outie belly button that is like a shell or a fossil. She used to be really upset about it but now she’s got a fascination with it. In her school art exhibition, she took moulds of 20 bellies and belly buttons. She’s so concerned about the environment. She wants to save the world. She’s been like that ever since she was 3, telling people to pick up their litter from the floor. She drew a bird which I fell in love with. The dove is something I used to draw a lot when I was younger. It has a little coil in the bird’s tail that represents her outie belly button. She took me out for lunch on my 45th birthday and it wasn't actually lunch, it was to the tattoo parlour. We haven’t seen each other since Christmas. She’s terrible at contacting me and so I won’t hear from her for about a week. But I’ve sent her about 10 texts a day. I just leave messages saying, 'Call your mother'.

When they first left home it was a devastating time for me. I actually had a really bad time and then they just gradually came back home again. And then I wanted them to leave again.

As a parent you never know what you want. On the one hand you want to know that they’re safe and speak to them as often as you can. But then it’s also a feeling of success that they have fled the nest. told by lisa