The ink has run on a few letters...

Why this one? Simple. It's the first I got.

I got it done when I was eighteen. It's not very well executed, if you look at it closely you can see that the ink has run on a few letters, a few numbers. But it's a tattoo I'm very fond of.

It reads Maman, Mum.

Sometimes when people look at it they can't really make it out because some of the letters are extended, to look a bit like music keys. Below that there is a papyrus with two dates.

A date of birth and a date of death.

All these years later, I still look at it. I run my hand over it. I don't know why. It's a habit.

One day I had a conversation with my grandmother. I already knew I was going to have the tattoo done. My grandmother told me that my mother wasn't born in the year that I thought she was.

I thought that she was born in 1974, and that she was ten years younger than my father, but actually she was born in 1969.

So it's lucky that I had that conversation before I had my tattoo done, otherwise I would have written nonsense, irreversible nonsense.

That original date of birth, I didn't invent it.

When my mother arrived in France, they simply said she was younger than she was.

So until I found out, everything was distorted.

I thought my mother had me when she was a certain age, I thought when she died she was a certain age.

It's on my wrist because I didn't want it to be seen by everyone, and people don't often see it.

But I can look at it anytime I want.

told by biaggioli