The tattoo artist was honoured...

i consider being a father the most important, fulfilling journey i have embarked on.

my 2 children, charlotte and ben, went a long way to completing me as a person, and fatherhood challenged and rewarded me more than anything.

losing charlotte in 2012 was devastating, for me, and us as a family.

the design was something both ben and charlotte discussed having, each with a half of the tree on their forearm and then, with arms pushed together, the design would become one.

she became too ill before they could have them inked.

i asked ben if he minded me using it. he gave his blessing.

he consented to give a couple of drops of his blood which were mixed with the ink on one side of the tattoo.

the other half was mixed with some of charlotte’s ashes.

the tattoo artist was ‘honoured’ he said.

it brings my 2 children together, not that charlotte is ever far from us.

they are both here: in me.

written by carlos