Today, 1st April 2020...

The birth of my son made me speechless with love. The birth of my second daughter was more relief than anything.

Actually the original tattoo I had didn’t work for me so this one is on top of it, a cover up.

It has her delicate little baby feet from a photo taken in the hospital.

There is a saffron coloured rose for Saffron-Rose with her birth date in Roman numerals on one of the petals.

There is a pair of wax cap mushrooms because I like them, and lots of forget me nots, poppies and a dragonfly.

There is a significance to the dragonfly. They are so beautiful, but as a kid they used to scare me. My brother told me that they could sting you, perhaps that the long body was their sting.

Today, 1st April 2020, is the tenth anniversary of my daughter’s birth.

I will not visit her; it is not an essential journey under lockdown.

My wife and I will stay indoors.

I had this tattoo as a memorial. She was born at the Spring Unit in Poole Hospital. It was hard. We spent the day with her and I kept willing her to open her eyes, to wake up, but of course that wasn’t going to happen.

written by simon